Taragate Fence Reel Geared 3:1

Taragate Fence Reel Geared 3:1

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This reel from Taragate has some interesting features. Apart from being
produced in top quality materials, and having a smooth-operating 3 to 1
geared drive for fast wind-ins, it has a special, patented, wire guide.
This guide ensures the wire feeds cleanly into the spool and does not
hop over the side of the reel. This feature is especially ideal when
winding in around corners or over hills, etc. Another great feature is
the friction brake on the spool lock lever. This ensures the lever stays
in the open position when you are running wire out, and does not
suddenly fall into lock position, bringing you to a sudden halt. For
reasons such as these, the Taragate reel is a great choice, as well as
for the 5-years guaranty. Supplied complete with special fence wire end-
hook designed to hook securely on wire, tape or standards. (Clip will
not fall off high-tensile fence wire.)