DXCEM Delaval Cooling Tanks

DXCEM Delaval Cooling Tanks

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Super-sized tanks to cool or store large volumes of milk.

Core benefits

  • 14000 – 32000 liter
  • Two agitator shafts
  • Suitable for low ceiling rooms

The DeLaval DXCEM range is specifi cally designed to serve large dairy farms’ cooling demands with tanks ranging from 14 000 to 32 000 liters. With different dimensions and shapes you can choose the best capacity for your farm and the right tank size for your existing milk room.


As dairy farms are growing larger DeLaval caters to their needs. This super-sized tank is in response to demand for large capacity bulk milk cooling and/or storage. Each tank contains four independent DeLaval dimple plate evaporators for reliable milk cooling. When storing large quantities of milk above 12 tons, an alternative design to the medium sized DeLaval DXCE tank is required. This tank is available in two different dimensions. Now you can choose the tank capacity that suits your farm best and the right size to fi t your existing milk room.


The unique shape of this tank makes it possible to use large evaporator surfaces without overdoing the outer tank dimension. Each tank has two agitator shafts which handle the milk delicately. The double revolving lid opens vertically or horizontally for easy access and it is ideal for milk rooms with low ceilings.